Who We Are

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We are Democrats!

For decades Democrats have fought on behalf of the notion that anyone from any walk of life should have a fair shot of achieving their hopes and aspirations.  We  are the party of the American Dream and American Dreamers. Democrats are the party of good trouble and “si, se puede.”  From Selma to Stonewall we have taken to the streets for the cause of equal rights because every American deserves basic fairness no matter the individual’s gender, faith, race, who they are or who they love.  We are the party of clean air and water, and we are never going to stop fighting to protect the world we leave our children.   We are the party of common sense gun violence solutions because this epidemic has got to end. Democrats are the party of reproductive health, because women, not politicians, should be in charge of their own bodies. We are the party of Medicare and Social Security and our fight for the health and well being of all Americans did not stop at the desk of LBJ, generations later we are fighting to improve and keep the Affordable Care Act.   Because no family should have to choose between going to the grocery store and going to the doctor, paying for food or paying for cancer treatment. We are the party of the New Deal and economic recovery, because we know in our hearts that if you work hard and play by the rules anyone ought to be able to get ahead.   Democrats know that our nation is stronger when we have an economy that grows paychecks, creates good paying jobs and gives regular folks a chance to succeed.  We know from our history the power of ordinary people to effect extraordinary change. And we are ready to effect extraordinary change like never before.  We are Democrats!!!


We are citizens of New Milford – your friends, your neighbors, local business owners, and Democrats who seek to improve our town, our state, and our country, for everyone.

We are the local Democratic Party organization in New Milford, CT.

We actively recruit Democratic Party candidates for election to local, and state offices. Our meetings are held once monthly, 3rd Monday of the month, 7pm. Location changes so message us through Facebook. We respond promptly. Democrats welcome! Please join us!


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About the Committee

The New Milford Democratic Town Committe is a registered Town Committee with the State and Federal Democratic party and the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Committee. We are a party of inclusiveness, equality, liberty and freedom for all . We hold regularly scheduled meetings once each month, and conduct caucuses for the nomination of Democratic Party candidates for local office.

The goals of the New Milford Democratic Town Committee are:

1. To encourage the registration of voters in the Democratic Party

2. To identify and support Democratic candidates for elected office in municipal, state and federal elections

3. To nominate and endorse delegates to state and district Democratic conventions

4. To promote the positions, interests and principles of the Democratic Party in our community

Current NMDTC officers and members:

MaryJane Lundgren, Chair

Adrienne Aurichio, Vice Chair

Theresa McSpedon, Treasurer

Jeffrey Winter, Corresponding Secretary

Cindy Davis, Recording Secretary